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Board member and chairman of the board

Trained nurse and marketing economist. Over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and board work in owner-led growth companies. And over 5 years experience of being a business angel and external member of start-up and scale-up companies in life science and healthtech. 


"Inossia is a very interesting research-based company that can make a big difference for patients with osteoporosis. I look forward to contributing with my experience and network."


Board member and co-founder

Cecilia Persson is a Professor in Biomaterials and have more than 15 years' experience in the field. She currently leads a research group at Uppsala University, as well as larger national and international consortia in the field of biomaterials, with up to 25 collaborating partners.

"As a co-founder I naturally have a great interest in seeing Inossia take off, and look forward to a good collaboration in the board."


Board member

With a background in chemistry and molecular biology, Allan Asp worked in the Swedish pharma/biotech industry for almost 25 years (e.g. Kabi Biopharma, Pharmacia Biotech, Pyrosequencing and Alphahelix), before joining Almi Invest as Investment Manager in 2008.


“My father in law succumbed to the ill effects of broken discs/osteoporosis so I have really seen the problem at close range and what it can lead to. So when Inossia turned up with a possible solution to it, for sure I wanted to take part of the journey to take the solution to the market.”


Board member

Mathias Blob works as an investment manager at Karolina Ventures and has a background from international management consultancy. Has also worked as a business developer at Uppsala University and has been responsible for the development and sales of international programs.

“I believe Sweden is a fantastic research and development country and Inossia is certainly a proof of this. Being asked to be part of Inossia is an opportunity for me to share my experience and network and help the company realize its potential beyond the Swedish borders.”


Board member

Manoush Masarrat has extensive Executive and Management experience in the Medical Technology industry and is currently CEO of Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB. His career has included several strategic C-suite roles in Sales and Marketing, his area of outstanding expertise. Manoush has a BSc. in Industrial Economics from Gävle University (Sweden) and MSc. Courses in International Business Management from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

"Inossia has a smart solution to a large problem and I believe I can contribute with my experience within this market to their continued success."


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