About Us

About Us



We are a team of two dedicated women with successful entrepreneurial and research backgrounds:


Malin Nilsson (PhD, MSc)


serial entrepreneur and co-inventor of Cerament™, a bone replacement material commercialized by BoneSupport AB.

She has a stong background in bone research with a PhD in experimental orthopedics, holds 14 registered patents with another 5 pending. Malin has a large network of intervential radiologists, spine and orthopedic surgeons worldwide.


Cecilia Persson (PhD, MSc)


inventor of Inossia's bone cement softener and associated professor at Uppsala University with her own research group in Applied Biomaterials. She was recently was awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize for her reseach on the bone/implant interaccion, especially in osteoporotic patients. Cecilia has published over 120 research papers and conference contributions. She currently collaborates with the most prestigiuos biomechanic research institutes in Europe (UPC, Barcelona, Leeds University and ETH, Zurich).



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Email: info@inossia.com

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