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Inossia provides a softener to make bone cements better suited to the mechanical properties of osteoporotic bone



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The Technology



Inossia has invented a softener to better treat osteoporotic fractures in the spine


Today, osteoporotic fractures can be treated by injecting bone cement into the spine, providing pain relief and preventing the vertebrae from collapsing. Unfortunately, the bone cement used is too stiff, giving rise to more and more fractures.

We have invented a softener to add to the cement, thereby avoiding unnecessary, painful fractures.

The invention is based on 6 years of research at Uppsala University.

About Us



Inossia was founded by Malin Nilsson and Cecilia Persson in 2013.

We focus on improving fracture treatment for osteoporotic patients and to support active aging.


Inossia has a strong basis in research, with both founders holding PhDs in experimental orthopedics and spine biomechanics, respectively.

We believe in a research based product development for best outcome.

With strong connections both to the university and to specialized professionals within orthopedics, radiology and spine surgery, we have the opportunity to thoroughly validate our products before market introduction.